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APWA 2010 – LAC presenting with Florida counties on technology and BMP’s


Harry Lorick, P.E.
Lorick Associates Consulting
(310) 374-5777

Getting the Most from Public Works Dollars Using Technology and BMPs 

Pinellas and St. Johns Counties in Florida independently evaluated their processes, selected and applied different maintenance systems and technologies and yet—both had similar results. One system is GIS-based, the other is web-based. Both have the ability to plan and track work and are currently experiencing success in managing resources. Join this discussion of how they determined which systems to use, the hurdles faced along the way, and the lessons learned. 

By attending this session, participants will be better able to select and apply technology that is right for their agency. Also, it would help determine the pros and cons of using a maintenance management system. Finally, participants will be more prepared to decide if a maintenance management system will help make better management decisions and make the best use of agency resources.

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