Maintenance Management Systems

A Maintenance Management System (MMS) is a systematic approach to managing an agency's work effort and infrastructure network. It develops a quantifiable decision basis with facts, and establishes a process to track actual work versus an identified plan, and can continually monitor work done and strives for improvement by utilizing both technical and human resources.

At LA Consulting, our experienced staff works closely with you in implementing your MMS to match and align your actual operations, and optimize your work. Key tasks include:

  • Integrating all agency staff in the process and use of the system

  • Benchmark ideas from other areas that are appropriate to improve operations

  • Apply technology such as computers, smart phones or tablets, GIS, and GPS to collect, store, and analyze data

  • Conduct "hands on" training and coaching for management and technical staff as part of system development

  • Work with maintenance staff to actually apply and use these concepts to manage

  • Capability to use a variety of MMS software, interfaces, and databases so that the effort can be tailored to the agency