Asset and Maintenance Management can help you plan, budget, and monitor your maintenance effort for increased accountability which has been implemented for agencies across the nation, both large and small. Our approach has helped public agencies achieve significant operating savings and has empowered employees into taking greater pride and interest in delivering a top quality 'product' in a cost effective manner while also establishing an effective life cycle cost planning for eligible assets.

In addition, Activity Based Management Planning implemented and applied in agencies, large and small across the nation, has successfully increased the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance operations without jeopardizing the organizations' fundamental framework. Developed and founded on the four cornerstone management principles (planning, organizing, directing, controlling) our approach can achieve operating savings with greater employee empowerment.


  •  More effective planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of your maintenance operations
  •  Improved infrastructure and asset conditions through increased maintenance service levels
  •  Life cycle planning
  •  Recurring fiscal operating savings between 7 to 15 percent annually


  • Activity based costing
  • Outcome based budgeting
  • Work process improvement
  • Improved management practices
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Optimization of life cycles