LA Consulting is familiar with many information systems and applications that assist public works and utility agencies in managing their work, assets, and resources. Our knowledge of the Industry without any contractual ties to any vendor gives us the ability to help develop an evaluation process for the client to identify and select the right technology system to meet their specific needs. These systems include maintenance management, asset management, work management, facility management, inventory and pavement management. LA Consulting has no contractual or partners relationship with any software supplier and try to help, guide, and assist our clients to select the technology to best match their needs.


  • Avoid purchasing a system that is overly complex or costly, or incapable of satisfying your needs
  • Select a system that will allow you to actually and manage improve your operation not just be another agency expense
  • Know that our experienced consultants will help identify a process for you to select a system that optimally matches the agency's needs
  • Obtain a third party perspective and analysis before making a long term capital strategic systems decision 


  • Front-end review of agency operation and long term needs
  • Comprehensive approach towards implementing a fully integrated information system for maintenance agencies, including planning, asset management, work order, GIS, and pavement management systems
  • Full implementation with people, technical and business processes
  • Focus on using technology as a tool to improve operations
  • Payback on system cost with improvements