Our management and operational reviews complement other LA Consulting services. With the potential to generate immediate payback, it is one of the most important services that our firm provides to clients. By identifying an agency's strengths and weaknesses and establishing a practical action plan for improvement, the client can act on a fast-track path to success and optimize available resources. This step often precedes the obtaining and implementing of management system software.


  • Identification of the agency's core competencies and strengths
  • Complete documentation of the agency's operations, from the activities it performs to the allocation of its resources
  • Benchmarking the agency against best in class agencies
  • Identification of opportunities to improve
  • Establishing strategic direction for the agency to support future service demands, infrastructure needs, and regulatory mandates.


  • Maintenance and operation work modeling
  • GASB 34 compliant
  • Process re-engineering and organizational restructuring
  • Process improvement and work optimization
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Industry accreditation