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Daytona Beach International Airport

Maintenance and Operations Improvement

Daytona Beach International Airport (DBIA) is a Class I airport with commercial service and has maintained status as one of the busiest airports in the US since 2000 based on general aviation statistics from Air Traffic Activity Data System (ATADS) for departures and landing flights. DBIA covers an area of 1,800 acres consisting of three runways, a six gate domestic terminal, an air tower and international terminal. The Airport also serves as headquarters for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and several hotels and businesses. 

In early 2010, the County of Volusia and DBIA began the process of evaluating their maintenance and operation practices including Facilities and Ground Maintenance, Operations, Security, Curbside Traffic, and Ground Handling. The purpose of this effort was to establish a “business like” approach to planning, budgeting, performing maintenance and managing the airport’s infrastructure. Through this process, LA Consulting identified sixty-eight (68) findings and is currently developing recommendations in five categories:

  • General – System and department opportunities.
  • Planning – Ideas related to work plans, activity accomplishment, work methods, levels of service, performance measures, activity based costing and budgeting. 
  • Organizing – Determination of labor, contract and equipment resources required to perform needed work, meeting quality expectations.
  • Directing – Processes to assign, schedule, outline, prioritize and identify work.
  • Controlling/Improving – Efforts to perform, track, compare and improve work operations.

LA Consulting believes that if implemented, tremendous positive impacts will result from the effectiveness of public dollars expended, efficiency of work performed and a positive attitude by the involvement of all staff in an approach to work being done.

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