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Harry Lorick and Lydia Cox speak on budgeting for Parks at CPRS Annual Conference


Harry Lorick, P.E.
Lorick Associates Consulting
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Determining and Forecasting Parks Maintenance Budgets

Funding for new parks is often available through grants and capital improvement projects. Once the parks are built there is no funding for the on going maintenance of the parks. This session will demonstrate how forecasting a performance budget can determine on-going maintenance cost but also how if no new funding for maintenance is acquired for additional personnel and equipment how existing parks maintenance programs will be affected. In many instances a budget can be used to justify additional resources. In addition it can identify areas where there is possible efficiency and effectiveness savings with a department are available. Using these tools parks supervisors, managers and even board members can make educated decisions on how to allocate resources and funding. This will cover how they determine required resources to maintain existing parks and additional dollars required for the maintenance of any new parks that are acquired once the budget has been determined. In addition the actual budget by activity can then be compared to the work that is being completed to make sure the department is meeting its projected goals and improve productivity. 

During the session group will be broken out into smaller groups and provided information to develop an annual budget for one activity. The smaller group will be tasked to develop budget and then we will combine individual budget from all activities to create annual budget for one small park. This will provide hands on experience in developing a budget along with a “fill in the blanks” handout that can filled in and taken home as an example that can later be used as a guideline to develop their own parks budget.

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