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City of Reno

Implement a Maintenance Management System

LA Consulting evaluated city maintenance operations, documented work methods and established an automated maintenance system for sewer, storm and building facilities. Effort included joint development of work method improvements for operations.LA Consulting trained 60+ staff and assisted Public Works staff to complete an annual plan for operations and maintenance in 1995-6 and 1996-7 to better manage maintenance for sewer, buildings and drainage facilities.

LA Consulting is finalizing the training during the next several months for the city staff to effectively manage and perform work in the next year. As part of this project, LA Consulting conducted a complete inventory and evaluated the condition of all 170 city buildings and coordinated with the GIS development to allow the maintenance system to interface with a new GIS system for the sewer line operations. In a final report to the city council the Director of Public Works reported a $750,000 in annual savings as a result of the system.

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