Project: Maintenance and Operations Improvement

Client: Daytona Beach International Airport, Florida

LA Consulting believes that if implemented, tremendous positive impacts will result from the effectiveness of public dollars expended, efficiency of work performed and a positive attitude by the involvement of all staff in an approach to work being done.

Project: Evaluation of Transportation Maintenance and Operation

Client: Hillsborough County Transportation and Maintenance Division, Florida

Through a competitive bid process, LA Consulting was retained to assist the County in implementing the original recommendations based on LA Consulting’s final report and TMD’s identified needs.

Project: Roads, Traffic, Mosquito Control, Permitted Facilities and Bridges Maintenance Operations Improvement

Client: Pinellas County, Florida

In summary, the implementation effort has resulted in more work with less labor, equipment and financial resources being needed with the generated efficiency savings totaling from $6 to $12 million.