How do you communicate? Communication is not an acronym.

Public Works must work and provide information to many public stakeholders in the entire community from elected leaders, to peers, to citizens. This requires effective communication using the common language with whom you are communicating. This article is about how shortened language can impact our communication as the words we use allow us to share ideas, concepts and feelings, and direct how we work together. Often, we use slang, nicknames and acronyms that can impact our audience. These shortcuts may discourage some from joining the conversation. Shortcuts can even exude an impression of arrogance suggesting. "You do not know what I know." It can become a total way of communicating and severely limit your audience.

The Author

Harry Lorick, PE, PWLF, PTOE, Principal/President, LA Consulting, Inc., Manhattan Beach, California, APWA Member, APWA Leadership and Management Committee

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