Using Technology And Best Business Practices To Make The Best Use Of Resources And Save Public Dollars

By W. Roger Cox, P.E. Manager, Hillsborough County Florida and Jeff Thurman, C.P.M., Consultant, LA Consulting Inc.

Creating long-term efficiencies and sustainability is a huge focus of today’s government sector.  Every day the charge of Public Works’ leaders is to do more, with less. Further, technology, if used correctly, can be an effective tool for organizing work and cutting costs. 

In late 2010 and continuing into 2014, Hillsborough County, Florida embarked on a two-phase process of cultural change and process improvement. The goals were to establish a baseline of current operations, develop and identify opportunities that would improve operations and formulate recommendations that would lead to improvements and implementation strategies to ultimately enhance work methods and management efforts. The review was not an audit but an internal effort to improve, consistent with their mission statement and guiding principles. The initial phase was a top to bottom review to determine the most effective and efficient way to deliver high-quality responsive service. While the review revealed that the County was performing at a high level in many areas, there were several opportunities identified for improvement....

February 13, 2015
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March 10, 2015
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June 17, 2015
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