Maintenance Management and Performance Measurements

2003 APWA Warm Springs, Oregon Conference



This year’s bi-annual Fall conference was held in Warm Springs, Oregon at the Kah-Nee-Tah Resort. Held in October, the conference offered attendees and vendors alike a pleasant atmosphere of technology transfer and camaraderie. 

Topic: Maintenance Management and Performance Measurements - Greg Miller of Washington County and Nick Nguyen of LA Consulting spoke on the issues of maintenance management, asset inventories, activity-based budgeting, performance measures and how impacts the public works agency. Washington is currently developing an approach and software that it’s managing internally. LA Consulting focused on the overall goals and objectives of performance measures in budgeting and work performance, and suggested resources and benefits of implementing performance measurements.



Nick Nguyen
Senior Associate, LA Consulting INC, Manhattan Beach, CA

Greg Miller
Senior Engineer, Washington County


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