Using a Maintenance System for FEMA reporting

2005 APWA Annual Meeting and Tradeshow, Florida


LAC participated in two sessions at the APWA Florida Chapter Annual Meeting and Tradeshow.


Using a Maintenance System for FEMA reporting - This presentation will focus on the benefits of utilizing a maintenance system for tracking labor, equipment, materials and resources by location for disaster response that meets FEMA requirements. Local governments are reimbursed for their efforts for declared emergencies from State and Federal government. Specific labor, equipment and materials must be documents and specific work locations tracked. This presentation will outline specifics that need to be established in maintenance systems to meet these requirements. A case study of several agencies will be discussed. Examples of the do's and don'ts in this process will be outlined. 

Applying Technology for Maintenance Operations - This presentation will focus on demonstrating the use of GIS and CCTV in establishment of a complete maintenance system. An example of one agency's use of these technologies to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of their maintenance operations will be given. Examples of other technologies such as PDA's, web interface and integration with financial reporting will be demonstrated. The presentation will outline the required process to setup and utilize these systems and the benefits and costs will be outlined. Examples of the inputs and outputs as well as the specific benefits will be covered.



Harry C. Lorick, PE, PTOE 
Principal, LA Consulting Inc, Manhattan Beach, CA