Using Technology and best business practices to make the best use of resources and save public dollars

2013 APWA Annual Meeting and Tradeshow



Using Technology and best business practices to make the best use of resources and save public dollars

This presentation will be a case study of Hillsborough County Transportation Maintenance Division that will discuss the selection and implementation of various maintenance management system technologies and best business practices. Hillsborough County will discuss the methods and processes used to implement re-engineered processes and the use of technology to bring their agency to a higher level of efficiency. The result of this has been lower unit costs through the planning, organization, direction and control of resources utilized. The County will also describe how this produced better management decisions that can be documented and yield more work and improve quality.


Hillsborough County will describe in detail the processes and technology utilized to determine and identify what their system needs were, and the selection and implementation of processes used.  Specific examples of optimizing mowing, tree trimming, sidewalk repair and ditch cleaning will be provided with the technologies such as automated data collection remote data retrieval, web forms, dashboards, GIS and fully developed CMMS. They will also discuss the hurdles faced along the way and lessons learned. Finally, the County will discuss the overwhelmingly positive results and benefits they have demonstrated through re-engineered processes, developed work flows, established routines and schedules as well as the use of systems data. Using information from the computer maintenance management system (CMMS) they have been able to make better management decisions that have helped make the best use of the agencies’ resources and save public dollars.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to select and implement technology that is right for your agency

  • How a maintenance system can be used to save money and better manage resources

  • Outline to other agencies that re-engineered processes and maintenance system, if applied, can save money not just cost mone



Jeff Thurman
Consultant, LA Consulting, Inc., Manhattan Beach, California

Roger Cox, P.E.,
Manager, Systems Planning, Hillsborough County, Public Works


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