If We Must Downsize…Let’s Do it Right

2014 APWA International Conference



If We Must Downsize…Let’s Do it Right

In this time of diminishing available resources, one county will describe how they were able to meet declining revenues and lower available resources while maintaining their core services and increasing key service levels. Alameda County will describe how they have dealt with the loss of revenue and how it related to staffing and equipment.

The presentation will describe how they have used a systematic approach to make even better use of their resources. They will also outline various strategies they took, from the realignment of their organization, the change in type and concentration of equipment, better management practices, the use of a management system, delegation, prioritization, management of expectations, and other business practices to provide services.

The presenter will cover lessons learned, strategies that worked, and those that did not. This should give the attendees some ideas to consider in their own organizations. This can also provide tools to face similar issues and help in meeting new mandated requirements and customer expectations.   



Amie Drotning
Senior Associate, LA Consulting INC, Manhattan Beach, CA

Rick Ruiz
Deputy Director, County of Alameda, Alameda, CA


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