Module 4 Advanced Concepts in Public Works Maintenance Management Systems

LA Consulting's Principal Mr. Harry Lorick, P.E., PWLF, T.O.E., has been a trainer for APWA's Public Works Institute for the last nine years. This year he instructed on Module 4, Advanced Concepts in Public Works Maintenance Management Systems on the elements of asset management, the elements of Maintenance Management, and linkage utilization and future system selection.

The learning objectives for his course included; to recognize the difference between maintenance management and asset management systems, to learn key components in maintenance management, to understand how to measure work, and to implement and use maintenance and asset systems to plan and document work.

Harry's presentation was evaluated and below are some responses from his students:

“Got a view into the processes/strategies that might impact how I operate and how I can make change.”
“Emergency Planning was on point. Liked the panel on day 3. Hearing their stories/professional path helpful!"
"It helped me see a bigger picture of operation & management"

Harry was also tasked to evaluate other presenters and the individuals he was instructing. This is an annual conference hosted by the American Public Works Association Northern California Chapter. For more information on how and where to attend future Training Conferences, visit