Project: Develop and Operate a Road and Flood Maintenance System

Develop and Operate a Road and Flood Maintenance System

For the Environmental Management Agency/ Public Works, Lorick Associates Consulting, Inc. is currently providing multiyear assistance to the Public Facilities and Resources Department on their management system. This effort includes utilization of current technologies to assist the agency in becoming more efficient in its day to day operation and providing assistance in coordinating the related agencies in four contract cities. The PF & RD has responsibility for the maintenance of roads and flood control with assistance to Harbors, Beaches and Parks throughout Orange County. This project requires:

  • maintenance of a County database for daily update and annual plan establishment
  • determining, documenting and developing work guidelines
  • estimating levels of service for all major activities
  • establishing plans for four contract cities
  • producing an annual work program and budget that matches levels of service and committed resources
  • developing biweekly scheduling techniques to ensure proper planning and scheduling of daily work for more than 220 employees

The effort includes continuous review of the system for improvement and onsite supply in review of better ways to conduct maintenance work. Recently the County won a competitive bid against private contractors utilizing methods developed as part of the system. The many successes of this system have been highlighted in both Public Works Magazine and Roads and Bridges Magazine.


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