LAC participated in Three Sessions at the APWA 2003 Conference in San Diego


APWA Conference in San Diego


LAC was excited to be able to partner with our clients at the APWA National Conference in San Diego. The session topics included: 

Preventative Maintenance Work for Traffic Signal MaintenanceIt works! – LAC’s Harry Lorick spoke on the benefits of performing preventative maintenance tasks on traffic signal. Hernando County, FL and Reno, NV spoke on the actual improvements their agencies saw by implementing a “PM” program. Some of the benefits these agencies saw include: less time spent on response tasks, reduce response time, and perform work more efficiently and effectively 

How do we locate our maintenance yard(s)? – LAC’s Harry Lorick partnered with San Diego to present how the number and location of multiple yards was selected. An overview of the process was given and the new technology, such as GIS, that can make this process easier was reviewed. San Diego County discussed the process their agency underwent and how they actually selected the number and locations of their yards. 

Use of Handhelds for Work Tracking and Service Requests - It Does Work! – LAC’s Amie Drotning spoke with Seminole county on the uses of handheld for work tracking a service requests. The uses of handhelds in maintenance and operations were discussed and how Seminole has benefited by the use of having handhelds in the field.


Harry C. Lorick, PE, PTOE 
Principal, LA Consulting Inc, Manhattan Beach, CA 

Amie Drotning
Senior Associate, LA Consulting INC, Manhattan Beach, CA


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