LAC spoke in two sessions with clients at the 2004 APWA Florida Chapter Annual Meeting and Tradeshow


Florida APWA Annual Meeting and Tradeshow

Management Tool That Can Help Improve Maintenance Operation - In the time where governmental agencies are asked to do more with the same or less resources, this presentation outlines ways to use management systems and technology to improve. The variety of management tools and technology for maintenance and operations is changing and being enhanced. The purpose of this presentation is to provide Agencies with current information on management tools that are available and their effective use. The tools that will be discussed will include both technology related devices and management approaches. In addition, the discussion will include how the selection of systems has taken place in several organizations, their success to date in using these tools to improve their agencies and the approach used to select the tools that were specific to their organization and the time utilized to implement. 

Stimulating Public Works: Optimization or Managed Competition. Which Way to Go? - This presentation will focus on the benefits of optimizing your agencies efficiency and productivity by using a maintenance system and that of managed competition. The overall process for both will be discussed and their pro and cons will be highlighted throughout the presentation. In addition to the differences of the two processes you will hear examples of how two agencies have decided in lieu of the managed competition process to use optimization and the results that they have had. They will demonstrate how agencies can continually optimize their resources by establishing best management practices and implementing a maintenance system to continually improve. In turn they have continued to receive recognition for their improvements in maintenance and best management practices. Included in the presentation will be how employee involvement is a key factor to making both managed competition and optimization a success.


Harry C. Lorick, PE, PTOE 
Principal, LA Consulting Inc, Manhattan Beach, CA 

Mark Flomerfelt, PE
Principal, Seminole County Government, Florida

Alan Holbach
Maintenance & Operations Manager, Charlotte County Board of Commisioners, Florida


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