Optimizing Maintenance and Operations using internal and external resources

2013 APWA Annual Meeting and Tradeshow



Optimizing Maintenance and Operations using internal and external resources

This presentation will be a case study of how Hillsborough County, Transportation Maintenance Division a Division of the Public Works Department, utilizing outside performance review of their maintenance and operational Service Units to improve.  The presentation will illustrate how the Transportation Maintenance Division was able to gain valuable insight into several opportunities to make work processes more efficient and effective.  The methodology for the reviews that were performed will be described as well, including obtaining employee buy-in and involvement at all levels of the organization.  This employee involvement included interviews, field and office observations, presentations and direct communication through telephonic, emails, and written communication to the review team.  Secondly, the presentation will outline substantial savings that have resulted from direct implementation of study recommendations.

Transportation Maintenance Division has re-engineered many of their basic tenets of conducting business, from the way they track and account for work, to work methods and how they are structured and organized.  In addition, the Transportation Maintenance Division has implemented a complete maintenance management system integrated with GIS that allows methodology that can track actual work, unit cost and productivity against benchmark and performance goals. As a result of the implementation of these recommendations considerable savings have occurred and will be provided without the loss of any service levels.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how an agency can improve operations by evaluating their organization and implementing change with a combination of consultant and agency staff

  • Examine the benefits of performing an outside review can provide

  • Understand the process steps to perform an organizational review

  • Examine alternative ways to obtain employee buy-in at all levels during a review process



John W. Lyons, PSM, P.E.
Director, Public Utilities Department, Hillsborough County, Florida

Harry Lorick, P.E. P.T.O.E., PWLF
Principal, LA Consulting, Inc., Manhattan Beach, California


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