Don't Let Your Work Control You - Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

2014 APWA Florida Chapter Conference and Exposition



With today’s ever-shrinking budgets, available resources, and increasing expectations it is essential for public works managers and supervisors to plan and schedule their limited resources for efficiency and effectiveness. The key is to not let your work control you but rather, control your work through the proactive planning and scheduling of resources. 


This presentation will describe, in detail, how a large Florida Country uses identified  work needs, resource availability, levels of service, anticipated accomplishment, and expected quality outcomes, to plan and schedule work. Further discussion will focus upon how this agency has developed and implemented an annual performance plan, the advantages of developing routines and preventative maintenance schedules, the establishment of a short term plan, and how to measure accomplishment against a performance plan and budget. In addition, the challenges and potential pitfalls of short term and long range planning and scheduling, including increased expectations, emergencies, and unforeseen resource reductions will be discussed. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and gather the needed components to proactively plan and schedule work.

2. Discuss the process for implementing short term scheduling using an annual performance plan as a basis.

3.  Compare and use scheduled accomplishment against actual accomplishment for better decision making.


Roger Cox, P.E., Manager
Systems Planning, Public Works Department, Hillsborough County, Florida

Jeff Thurman
Consultant, LA Consulting, Inc., Manhattan Beach, California

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