Applying High Performance Organization Concepts to Your Public Works Department

LA Consulting's principal Mr. Harry Lorick, P.E., PWLF, T.O.E., presented with Mr. Khalid Bazmi, P.E., the assistant Director and County Engineer for the County of Orange at the American Public Works Associations Annual National Congress held in Phoenix, Arizona August 30th - September 2nd, 2015.

During one of the Lightning Round Sessions, Mr. Lorick and Mr. Bazmi discussed how applying high performance organization concepts to Public Works Departments could improve operations. The objectives of their presentation included understanding what a High Performance Organization is, identifying the difference between traditional and high performance organizations, and giving the audience information on how to acquire the background needed to consider implementing high performance organization concepts in Public Works. After defining the concepts, Mr. Lorick and Mr. Bazmi outlined the approach of two organizations. They discussed the five key HPO factors for competitive performance. These included continuous improvement, openness and action orientation, management quality, workforce quality, and long term orientation.

Mr. Lorick referenced several articles in his research for this presentation. For more information on how to implement high performance organization concepts, see our published articles here.

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