Yes... Donald Stone can help you too!

The American Public Works Association is a multi faceted organization that assists individuals in the Public Works industry in improving their organizations and knowledge of the Public Works infrastructure. One of their many programs for improvement is the Donald C. Stone Center. Through this organization, individuals can earn credentials through mentee programs and advance their knowledge in their field.

Mr. Harry Lorick, LA Consulting's principal, was chosen as a mentor to Mr. Charwon Walter of Windsor, Colorado. Through the APWA, Mr. Lorick's guidance, and the Donald Stone center program, Mr. Walter was awarded his manager credential and invited to share his experience at the American Public Works Association's National Congress in Phoenix, Arizona August 30th - September 2nd.

The APWA also invited Mr. Walter's supervisor, Mr. Terry Walker, the Director of Public Works for the Town of Windsor, Colorado to speak on Mr. Walter's behalf. The three gentleman shared their experience over the last year and a half and gave information on how to join the program. They discussed the benefits and how it not only improved Mr. Walter's abilities to perform for the Town of Windsor, but also how he used what he learned to improve operations in the Town of Windsor.

An article was published documenting Mr. Walter's success which you can see in our Published Articles, here.