It's not about the Software!

Ms. Amie Drotning, a senior consultant at LA Consulting, hosted a session at the APWA Southern California Chapter's Annual Conference in Carson, CA with Mr. Kurt Lind of the Mesa Water District.

Mr. Lind discussed how Mesa Water improved their operations using software but emphasized how they implemented their improved business processes before they integrated the software. Mr. Lind expressed that organizations must know what assets they have, how the assets are to be used, how much it costs to use their assets, when they are going to use their assets and on what, and the process of how they will identify these needs before applying software. Mr. Lind encouraged the audience to review their organization and develop a business process before selecting software so they know what software their organization will need and how it will help them to improve their operations.

LA Consulting was also mentioned in an article about the Mesa Water District and how their operations have improved drastically since implementing these processes. See the article on our Published Articles page here.