Office and Mobile GIS

As part of one of the sessions hosted by LA Consulting's Amie Drotning at the APWA Southern California Chapter's Annual Conference in Carson, CA, Mr. Brian Giddens, P.E., L.S., on behalf of the Quartz Hill Water District, presented on how GIS capabilities can be used by organizations both in the office and in the field using mobile technology.

Mr. Giddens discussed the challenges the Quartz Hill Water District faced including the need for a low-cost and cost effective solution that was also customizable. The Quartz Hill crews were in need of fast and disconnected data in the field. Mr. Giddens explained how through the use of existing CAD data, as-built plans, and GPS data collection, the Water District gained browser-based web maps through a free open source. This allowed the district to have access to a disconnected database for quality assurance and quality control.

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