Project: Implement a Regional Maintenance Management System

Implement a Regional Maintenance Management System

LA Consulting reviewed a 2,000+ lane mile regional roadway network that included the Cities of Reno, Sparks and Washoe County. The implementation included an evaluation of current operations, methods review, identification of areas of improvement, presentation of alternatives and development of recommendations with a cost benefit assigned. This effort included office, field and computer operations reviews for both study and implementation steps. The study allowed for a steering committee comprised of service staff to be involved at various key stages of the process to ensure acceptance, input and "buy in" for all recommendations. The final recommendations of the report were accepted unanimously in resolution by all four local agencies.

In the second phase, the agencies retained LA Consulting to actually implement improvements. Effort included development of guidelines for all roadway activities by defining work - how it is identified, planned, scheduled and performed. LA Consulting established an MMS in four agencies and trained over 200 staff in the use of methods to continuously improve maintenance operation. Four different network based computerized MMS were implemented and are now operational. Considerable savings have occurred and were documented. Also, a complete activity based cost system was established for all maintenance activities that allows for comparison to other agencies and privatization contractors.

The final result reported to the regional agency - nearly $1 million in annual documented improvements after one year of operation!


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