LAC spoke on 20 years of Pavement Management at APWA National Conference


20 years of Effective Pavement Management Program


This presentation was a case study and documentation of an urban county’s use of a pavement management system. The system is one of the oldest used in the Country. Data from the first ten years of the system was used in the Pothole Story published by APWA. Data will be presented on the impacts of improvements to the roadways over 20-year period. Demonstrations of how a pavement management system was used in practical terms and how it was applied to improve the county’s pavement will be provided. Information will be provided showing that keeping roadways in good shape is actually cheaper in the end. 

This session will describe 20 years of utilizing a pavement system with real life examples of use of preventative maintenance strategies to improve pavement quality. Examples of system inputs and outputs will be shown as well as the results of using the pavement system as a tool to improve over two decades. Discussions will include the agencies pavement system manager and the original system designer.


Harry C. Lorick, PE, PTOE 
Principal, LA Consulting Inc, Manhattan Beach, CA 

Bill Hisey


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