Volusia County Retains LA Consulting to Perform Management Review for Parks Operations, Cental Services

Follows on Heels of Recently Concluded Maintenance Operations Review that has provided County over $1.5 million in annual savings!

DELAND, FL, Jan. 12, 2009 – LA Consulting, Inc. has been awarded a contract from Volusia County, FL to conduct an extensive management review of Parks and Central Services (encompassing fleets and facilities). Harry Lorick, P.E., LA Consulting president, made the announcement. The project is slated to begin in early 2009.

Volusia County, comprising 1,207 square miles, is located on the east coast of Central Florida.  County seat is DeLand; county population is about 500,000.  Volusia County is about an hour’s drive north of Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center and is also the headquarters of the Ladies Professional Golf Association and the summer home of the London Symphony Orchestra. 

According to Volusia County Special Projects Manager John C. Gamble, LA Consulting was selected based on their nationwide and Florida experience in public works, and recommendations received from Pinellas and Seminole Counties. 

LA Consulting also recently completed a management review of all Volusia County maintenance operations in the Public Works Department, which included roads and bridges (1,039 miles, 51 bridges), traffic engineering (414 signals), utilities (water and wastewater-26 treatment plants, collections, distribution points), solid waste (landfill with annual fill of 440,000 tons and a transfer station), mosquito control and drainage. 

A number of LA Consulting recommendations are already being implemented and have resulted in more than $1.5 million in improvements that have occurred with an additional seven-figure savings to be realized through business and system enhancements with the firm’s assistance.

“LA Consulting’s recommendations in solid waste, for instance, helped set the stage for a culture change in that organization that included fleet and overtime reductions, and productivity increases,” said Gamble.  “The annual savings in solid waste alone is over $1 million.  LA Consulting is integral in helping us update our system and is providing important management tools to utilize collected data and manage work flow.” 

LA Consulting, established in 1993, provides a wide variety of planning, systems and technology services applied to public agencies and municipalities with an emphasis on systems implementation and technical support for public works operations and maintenance.  Services include public works evaluation and review; management and operations systems assistance; infrastructure planning; maintenance management training; and maintenance systems (maintenance, pavement, and facilities).  The firm’s corporate headquarters is in Manhattan Beach, CA, about 20 miles west of Los Angeles. 


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