San Diego County awards Management Review contract to Lorick Associates Consulting


Harry Lorick, P.E.
Lorick Associates Consulting
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The County of San Diego, CA has awarded Lorick Associates Consulting (LAC) a contract to conduct a comprehensive management review for the Public Works Maintenance Division. Harry Lorick, P.E., LAC president, made the announcement.

“We’re assessing work processes, organizational structure, planning, scheduling and resource needs,” Lorick said. “We’re also conducting work load and budget analyses and will benchmark various processes to investigate the County’s efficiency and effectiveness compared to other agencies.”

According to Thomas Herzberger, County Public Works Manager, his division has 159 road maintenance employees. The division maintains 315 pieces of equipment spread out over 4,000 square miles in all kinds of terrain – coastal, desert and mountains, suburban and rural areas. “We obviously have different maintenance needs and expectations in various parts of San Diego County so it’s important to not only identify all assets and road features but establish levels of service,” he said. “These include 12,000 culverts, sidewalk curbs and gutters, stop signs, road conditions/width, and more. This will enable us to formulate a planning and budgeting document that provides us with a blueprint of what needs to be addressed.”

Herzberger added that the County expects to save about $1.2 million a year by implementing management methodologies that will improve planning and budgeting procedures. “Over the next 20 years our County will experience rapid growth so it’s vital now to have a system in place that streamlines operations and helps us perform as efficiently as possible so we can meet our objectives of serving the community.”

Lorick Associates Consulting, established in 1993, provides a wide variety of planning, systems and technology services applied to public agencies and municipalities, with an emphasis on systems implementation and technical support for public works operations and maintenance. Services include public works evaluation and review; management and operations systems assistance; infrastructure planning; maintenance management training; and maintenance systems (maintenance, pavement, and facilities). The firm’s corporate headquarters is in El Segundo, CA, about 20 miles west of Los Angeles.




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