Port of Long Beach awards Infrastructure Maintenance & Operations contract to LA Consulting


Harry Lorick, P.E.
Lorick Associates Consulting
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Neal Leavitt
Leavitt Communications
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Manhattan Beach, CA, Feb. 19, 2007 – LA Consulting, Inc. has been awarded an infrastructure maintenance operations evaluation contract from the Port of Long Beach, CA. Harry Lorick, P.E., LA Consulting president, made the announcement. The project includes three phases - evaluation, system selection and improvement and business process implementation. 

The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest port in the United States and 12th busiest container cargo port in the world. More than $100 billion worth of cargo moves through the Port every year. This trade supports 1.4 million jobs nationwide, 316,000 jobs in the five-county Southern California region, and 30,000 in Long Beach. The Port and generates about $15 billion in annual trade-related wages. In 2005, the Port handled more than 6.7 million containers, 80 million metric tons of cargo and 5,313 vessel calls. 

The Port is spread over more than 3,000 acres and includes 10 operable piers, 74 cargo berths, 58,742 feet of wharves, 907,542 square feet of storage space, seven container terminals, 70 cranes, two container freight stations and 82 miles of Port-operated railways. 

Assets include 2,614 signs, 45.5 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 32 sewer pump stations, 80.5 miles of storm drain lines, 21 stormwater pump stations, 476 water meters, 101 miles of water distribution lines, 11.7 miles of irrigation line, 8,263 linear feet of fire sprinkler lines, more than 30 miles of streets, two fireboats, one dive boat, 13 bridges, and 255 structures. 

LA Consulting is evaluating system and maintenance operations and assisting in training employees in utilizing planning/scheduling/monitoring functions of the maintenance system. The firm is also reconfiguring the existing maintenance system in order to improve work planning, reporting and developing management reports. 

LA Consulting, established in 1993, provides a wide variety of planning, systems and technology services applied to public agencies and municipalities, with an emphasis on systems implementation and technical support for public works operations and maintenance. Services include public works evaluation and review; management and operations systems assistance; infrastructure planning; maintenance management training; and maintenance systems (maintenance, pavement, and facilities). The firm’s corporate headquarters is in Manhattan Beach, CA, about 20 miles west of Los Angeles.




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