Congratulations to Charwon Walter of Windsor, Colorado for receiving the Public Works Managers Credential!

Charwon came to me about two years ago to talk about what could be done to advance his career in in Public Works. The first thing that came to my mind, was the APWA DCS Center Leadership and Management credentialing program. I gave Charwon the information and he enrolled in the Level 2 Public Works Manager program to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary for success in management and leadership positions. We discussed the different classes he was taking during the year and the challenges of each class. Charwon is a bright, hard working employee and he took the responsibility head on, to do what was necessary, to make him a better leader and supervisor for years to come. Charwon has been promoted to Supervisor of Utilities for the Town of Windsor in 2015 and, without a doubt, will make the utility department a stronger and more prepared department each and every year. I am proud of Charwon and I am also very happy that the Donald C Stone Center exists for those that want to reach new heights in their professional careers.
— Terry Walker; Proponent and Supporter of the Mentee in the DSC process

The APWA Donald C. Stone Center is a professional development program that offers instruction through a combination of:

–online experiences;
–personal assessment exercises before and after;
–interaction with mentors;
–issue-based special projects;
–Public Works Institutes for Levels 1 and 2.

Regardless of your level of formal education or past work experience, the program offers everyone opportunities to grow and develop in public works.

The APWA DCS Center Leadership and Management credentialing program provides:
“Comprehensive, affordable leadership training for public works professionals in North America.”

LA Consulting's very own principal, Mr. Harry Lorick, PE, PWLF, was Charwon's mentor throughout the entire process. Through weekly go-to-meetings, instruction, guided research, material edits, and project preparation, Mr. Lorick guided Mr. Walter toward achieving his goal. Mr. Lorick highly recommends the process and suggests the Donald C. Stone center's programs to all employee's in the Public Works industry.

Mr. Charwon Walter will be speaking on his achievement at the APWA National Congress in Phoenix, AZ this August 30th through September 2nd, 2015.